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Deliveries are not the same simple task that they used to be, when customers placed orders in your office, travelled back home several miles, and rested until you received stocks, packaged and shipped (often with hefty charges) and he finally got his order - in weeks, if not months !


Now, Sales happens at click-speed and deliveries faster at drone-speed ! ... and customers change vendors at light-speed !! In this fast-changing online ecosystem, your competition is quickly adapting to modern technology, using intelligence tools, that everyone, including even semi-literate drivers, can derive benefit from.


How will you differentiate, and invest wisely in the right technology that will yield rising benefits in the coming era of the digital supply chain?

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With customer choice increasing daily, and their decisions swaying easily due to delivery/shipping charges or quicker alternatives, can you really rely on Do-it-yourself solutions including Maps, open source routing engines, unreliable hardware-dependent GPS PDAs, archaeic manifest paper forms or just plain old paper road-maps?


GrayDrop wraps elegantly around Google Maps, bringing the best of fast-evolving consumer analytics into action, while taking care of all its idiosyncracies such as high enterprise license costs, no offline operation, ill-informed re-routing while driving, wavering multiple destinations support, limits on number of destinations, version changes, and enterprise integration compatibility.


At the same time, GrayDrop's routing engine delivers non-stop routing efficiencies. No Hardware or internet over-dependence implies a seamless delivery experience for your drivers and hence your customers, the first time, and every other time after that.



Delivery Routing challenges in the developing world.


Developed countries were the early adopters of these specialized software applications. They are able to improve their supply chains and optimize their last mile delivery processes, albeit at the high cost of technology redundancy, expensive hardware units & installations, complex user interfaces and process maintenance.


At the same time when we look at the companies in the developing countries, these applications have not been widely adopted by them, but are beginning to witness a rapid turnaround, spurred by the undeniable rise of online and modern retailing. The reasons are multifold. In this white paper, we try to investigate the specific requirements and special needs of distribution companies operating out of developing nations.






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