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We want you to experience the power of Dynamic Routing innovation firsthand, and have built extensive support for multiple ways in which you can tap into the benefits of the GrayDrop solution.



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No FEE on all new users until 30th January, 2021


Try apps with SaaS - Solve all delivery problems for ever.


  • Access to GrayWeb - Project Management & Analytics Portal for Enterprises

  • Sales ERP and other custom ERP integration

  • Single-button Intelligent Route Planning for all your vehicles and deliveries

  • Intelligent delivery automation app for drivers with navigation in native language

  • Supervisor Lite & Expert apps

  • Analyze service levels using BigQuery powered real-time charts & over 25 Reports


Register for GrayDrop's patent-pending Delivery Automation SaaS Solution, with plans starting from USD 5 per month per fleet user.

Love our Features? Incorporate our API in your applications.​


Incorporate our patent-pending features in your own customized applications, all for a nominal transaction fee:

  • Multi-destination cluster-Routing

  • In-app-Navigation Support

  • Route Quality-Tracking

  • Dynamic-Text-to-Speech directions

  • GRIDER: Book pickup/deliveries through API

We grant a non-transferable period license to selected developers to deploy our fully programmable REST APIs, modules and routing implementations in PHP/MySQL/Android.

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