In December 2013, we conducted a controlled experiment for two months with two of the world's leading FMCG majors in the Maharashtra market in Western India, as well as Assam in North-Eastern India. The goal of the experiment was to assess our "one-dynamic-route" system and measure and compare performance metrics of the drivers and customer despatches with and without the use of GrayDrop. It was found that GrayDrop drivers over-performed by over 25% compared to other drivers in terms of average time saved, and average number of drops confirmed per day. Overall, the FMCG major saved over $ 400 (in PPP terms) per driver per month, and was able to use our delivery analytics to tap into further cross-process benefits worth several million dollars.


How does GrayDrop fit in my current Sales ordering to cash collection process? I only use customer sales ERP package.


Whether you are a FMCG distributor, e-commerce seller, local restaurant, travel agent or a tour operator, GrayDrop fits snugly with your existing sales ERP package with single-day integrations. Import your order requests directly from your sales ERP package using single-button import.


If you don't yet have a sales ERP package, GrayDrop has all the basic ERP capabilities you'll ever need, which allows you to directly enter your order requests and destinations on your dedicated-cloud hosted Enterprise portal - GrayWeb. You can assign, modify or add tasks on the go. Delivery staff can cloud print approval requests on the go.


Thereon, GrayDrop allows you to enter vehicle/driver details, create dynamic routes satisfying your criteria set, track completion, returns and cash collection, and assess real-time vehicle, traffic, obstacles and driver efficacy along with other on-demand Analytics reports generated using smart technology running on BigQuery backend.


What is navigation? Will my drivers be able to understand?


GPS navigation runs on any GPS-enabled smartphone and allows your driver to start on his route immediately without the need to understand routes and plan deliveries or drops for the day. They receive voice-guided instructions on optimal driving directions to all their delivery locations in their language of comfort. Not only do they receive voice guided instructions, but they are also automatically notified when they are near their destinations, or when they are deviating from their routes. Your most inexperienced drivers will also be able to carry out their deliveries professionally and timely.


Even semi-literate drivers will have no trouble in understanding or following these instructions, since we have taken the effort to convert all English language directions into their language of choice, using a novel patent-pending technique developed at Gray Routes. In case you need application support, reach us directly from the app any time !


Do you help with deliveries or will you simply track my fleet?


GrayDrop is a complete delivery automation solution like no other, that:

1) Allows you to enter order & drops and track your fleet and despatch requests till Proof of Delivery,




2) Uses racks of intelligent servers parallely to compute over a billion possibilities to create the best dynamic routes meeting all conditions optimally, even if the user is offline or en-route !

3) Guides your drivers intelligently to each destination,

4) Allows you to remotely manage your entire delivery force in real time, and add/remove ad-hoc destinations !

5) Controls your rising fuel and labour costs through clever optimization recommendations

6) Uses barcodes and image capture to make typical POD, cash or stock reconciliation problems totally hassle-free.


What is GrayDrop's focus? How will it save money?


The engineering team at GrayDrop continuously strives to improve the complex algorithms running the Dynamic ROute Planning  (DROP) that guide its users intelligently. Every single optimization step saves several dollars per destination for our clients every month. To give you a fair idea of the complexity of the algorithms and search queries involved, consider this:


  • Algorithms use over 10 million address data points and customized map data compiled by Gray Routes from its POI (Point of Interest) tracking solutions to provide drivers with optimized route instructions.

  • The number of route combinations a driver can make is far greater than the number of nanoseconds the earth has existed.

  • While gathering the necessary route data, Gray Routes has developed a set of complex algorithms running on Cloud Compute and BigQuery engines that can quickly solve complex routing problems. The resulting algorithm includes about 700 pages of code and turns the captured data into intelligent instruction to optimize driver's routes keeping in mind road safety, driveability, traffic conditions, delivery windows as well as number and type of vehicles.

  • While most of the developed world is sleeping, GrayDrop is solving over thousands of route optimizations per minute, updating its route intelligence matrix engine for every new event or destination added.


Can I use GrayDrop for technician route planning as well?

Yes, enterprises with assets on field, manufacturers of durables and their technicians, Customer Service teams will be able to tap into the benefits of our award-winning software. As a GrayDrop user, you will not only be able to complete your service calls in a safer, more intelligent manner, but you will also be able to learn-on-the-fly from other technicians and consumer's simultaneous experiences.


Drop us an email at sales@grayroutes.in to know more about your service technician route planning and task options.