Our Story

GrayDrop is a comprehensive delivery automation System ideal for a range of industries requiring the manual transportation of goods and people. GrayDrop is available on the cloud and on-premise and helps automate processes intelligently and centralize your deliveries information. It is a recipient of the Best Company for Big Data Analytics award in 2016 IT Innovation & Excellence awards organized by one of the world's largest body of computer professionals - Computer Society of India.


GrayDrop was conceived by distribution technology experts with extensive experience leading National Sales Technology initiatives for Unilever’s $4B operating company. Gray Routes Innovative Distribution, the company behind GrayDrop advises leading FMCG and Pharma firms such as P&G, GSK & Nivea on their distribution technology initiatives and mobility deployments.


We have been pioneering the delivery force automation (DFA) space since 2012 and have an excellent record of conceiving, designing and deploying complex algorithms-based mobility analytics solutions that solve real logistics problems intelligently and generate quick and sustained end-user adoption for our clients.


The idea for multi-drop dynamic navigation application arose when Soubhagya, a seasoned hi-tech professional who successfully crossed-over into consumer space in a bid to create greater impact, was working on a FMCG project to redesign the city-distribution model to handle spiralling fuel and labor costs, and realized that there were no efficient solutions that leveraged emerging hi-tech capabilities of big data analysis and smartphone sensors. Besides, very few tech vendors then were capable of handling the complexity of algorithms or understanding intricacies of last mile sales processes, or infrastructural issues in developing markets. The innovation was also considered risky in the intrapreneurial setting, hence Soubhagya refined the design along with Sapna, and chose the entrepreneuship platform to test the idea.


The Idea turned out to be a million-dollar idea when it was felicitated as Finalist in Asia-Pacific's largest startup competition, the Economic Times Power of Ideas 2012. With a unique ability to comprehend sales processes and create technology with ease, Soubhagya co-founded Gray Routes with Sapna, an ed-tech sector and online sales leader to complete the Solutions loop for enterprises looking for intuitive, easy-to-deploy high ROI technology solutions.

With several enterprise customers across multiple industries and a user base of over 20,000 enterprise users in just a few years, growing at 30% MoM, Gray Routes is one of the Top 30 B2B technology firms in the country today, the only Global Emerging Partner to GIS-leader ESRI in the country, and an easy choice to make for SMEs looking to upgrade themselves to the next level - easily, with Zero-capex and in merely 2 days.

Gray Routes is based in Toronto, Canada and Mumbai, India, with partner offices in over 6 countries, and enterprise apps in use in over 10+ countries. For more information on Gray Routes, please visit http://www.grayroutes.in